Our Journey to Mummy & Me!

Skylar was always wanted, right from the beginning of my relationship with my now husband, we had talked about marriage and babies. He was and still is way more introverted than me and so these topics were awkward for an 18 year old boy, but I had it all planned out! 

I wanted to be married first, make sure we had a home to call our own, steady jobs, and be completely financially stable, which in my head meant being able to buy whatever we wanted when we wanted, giving our baby all the latest and greatest toys and gadgets and making sure everyone could see we had it all together! Well, we nailed a couple of those things, but not all 🤦‍♀️😆

My husband and I are from completely different ends of the scale when it comes to how we have been raised and I always wondered whether that would become a problem when raising a child together. It was a constant thought that played out in my head, he came from a broken home with two parents who were very absent in his life, uncles, cousins and other relatives to raise him, whereas I had it all, the ideal two parent family, which felt iddilic. 

When my husband and I started trying to conceive, we had just moved out of my parents annexe and into our own rental property. At this point, we were drowning in debt, but the feeling of wanting a place to call our own was ever present in the front of my mind. We had married the year previous and my juvenile response to living with my parents was what pushed us to move, I wanted to be that ideal married couple who had our own place, I wanted to look like a real adult! Realistically, we were stepping into paying triple the rent we were paying at the annexe with no income changes, and utilities on top, on reflection it was the most absurd decision we could have made, but even still, we got a beautiful white cat, and started our “adult” life together in the south end of Peterborough! 🥲

Conceiving Skylar was really easy, she wiggled her way to the egg within four months and the help of some pre seed 😂 of course, my obsessive nature meant I was constantly checking those bulk pregnancy tests, sometimes convincing myself that there was a faint line, only to find that there was nothing there, this went on until month four. When month four arrived, I actually did a test randomly, but realistically i was being given a couple of signs! My period hadn’t arrived yet but my stomach felt very strange, almost like it had a few extra fatty layers to it, and it hung down more than usual, it was very odd, but I’m my head I just knew I was pregnant! I just knew it! Low behold, there she was, Skylar, those two pink faint lines, I could have fainted with excitement! 

My husband and I have always discussed anything and never really kept anything under suspicion, so telling him was nothing spectacular! We had the week off, it was a Thursday and very early in the morning, I walked into the bedroom, repeatedly calling his name, he was half asleep, but I told him to get up, we had to go to Shoppers to buy the “real” test! He was perplexed looking at the little stick I had just peed on, I had shown him so many of them for inspection, I don’t think he was believing the two pink lines were real at first!

Bless him, he was half asleep when I told him the two pink lines had appeared, he gave me the worst reaction, a sleepy one 😆 and I remember being so annoyed, I made him get up quickly and come with me to shoppers though, I held in my pee so I would be able to test again right away! Two pink lines appeared, like I knew they would! Just to confirm right?!  


I video called my mum, because I simply could not wait another second to show her the stick!! I then got in the car and drove to my work where my best friend and manager was, and showed her the stick, she was so happy for me but totally not surprised! I then kept saying to her I looked pregnant already and she just laughed! 

The next few months were ladled with preparation, anxiety, exposure to my own thoughts and feelings and whole lot of learning about the women’s body, my body specifically! In the beginning of my pregnancy I suffered immensely with very painful cramps that only a hot bath could fix! It was a perplexing symptom of pregnancy that at times felt like something was wrong, but I never got any bleeding, my body was just reacting to the changes that it saw fit! As my bump grew, so did my appetite! My grand total weight at the end of my pregnancy was 238ibs and I could feel it everywhere! My ankles and fingers swelled towards the end and my face was very bloated, all symptoms of growing my baby girl!

At the very end of my pregnancy, I had to pee every 5 mins at night, had the worst heartburn and couldn’t sleep for anything, I tried every position, I wanted my baby out that day, if not yesterday, it really was getting so uncomfortable, and we were only at 35ish weeks at this point! How many mummy’s can relate to this?! 🤦‍♀️🥺😭

To be continued….

Stay tuned for my next blog where I talk about my unexpected but planned C-Section, pregnancy and type 1 diabetes, the quips of Dr Maskens and post partum struggles ♥️ 

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